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17 April 2025 @ 12:24 pm

Welcome to my secret place

Hi there! This journal is just pure delusional fangirling of KAT-TUN specially Kame


Most of the post here about KAT-TUN is in public.. depending on what I post. But this journal is ultimately friends only for the reason of most of my post here is all about my personal ranting,
I will try to post as many as I can related to KAT-TUN.. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

I love 亀梨和也 a lot

He’s the man of my dreams, my muse.
I don’t care what other people think or say about him, as long as I know who Kame is in my own little ways, that’s all that matter,
He’s the reason why I’m working my ass hard. Yeah.. You’re right I’m a
Kamenashi Kazuya bias..

If you are still engrossed in making friend with me, just drop me a note, I'll be more than pleased to friend you back.

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23 February 2013 @ 06:22 am

Happy Birthday Kazuya-kun
Thank you for being one who inspires me for the past 6years..
Thank you for always putting a smile on my face..
I know and must admit that meeting you in person is imposible to happen and I know that you doesn't even know about my existence and probably you wont be able to read this message.. but knowing that you really did your best to make us happy is enough for me..
Please continue to be a good person and inspiration to others..
Always smile and continue to be happy
Happy 27th Birthday Kazuya-kun kampai!!!
おたんじょうび おめでとう ございます!!! カンパイ


08 January 2013 @ 09:54 am
Domesticated Kenshin


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08 January 2013 @ 09:37 am
Apparently in life, we end up being like a lost child at times. The more we struggle, the least likely we’re to find our way. And it can be very frightening… because everyone around us looks like an enemy. And although we may think we’re all alone in the world, the truth is that when we do get really lost, we have no other choice but to wait for someone to come find us. The person who really cares about us will definitely come for us.

~Takano Kyohei (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)
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06 December 2012 @ 12:23 am
Done watching Rurounin Kenshin and that anime turn live action amazed me..
the best anime adaptation I have ever seen.. the swords fight, the moves and the facial expression.. how Kenshin's oro oro..  the best ever!!

Takeru Sato potray the role very well,, a very talented actor indeed just like Kame_chan ^-^

Although this anime have ended years ago, the movie’s success is an indication that this red-haired rurounin will always find his way back into anime lovers’ hearts in more ways than one.

Hope they also release the DVD here in the Philippines with subtitle also,, ^-^ Please Warner Brothers grant our wish!!
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09 November 2012 @ 08:02 pm
I know this post is super late already and everyone already knows it but still I'm excited for this Movie, only one month left before the showing, although I know that this movie is impossible to be on the big screen in my country (Philippines), but I'm still hoping it will.. nothing is impossible..

Yokai Ningen Bem-The Movie

The movie adaption of ‘Yokai Ningen Bem’ is scheduled to release nationwide on December 15th.

Pictures not mine, credit to the real owner..
Source: Tokyohive

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04 September 2012 @ 11:16 am

Today is the day of the best human beatboxer I have ever known..
A talented person. A good singer,dancer and a BEATBOXER, he also has a good sense of humor.. this guy is totaly awesome..
He made me realize how to accept myself for what I truly am,with all the cowardness,craziness,akwardness and bulliness, he manage to stand out among others..

Happy Birthday Yuichi Nakamaru

wishing you more birthdays to come..

picture not mine
credits who owned this picture

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07 August 2012 @ 12:17 pm

It felt like somebody had literally gripped onto my heart when I stepped into our living room today and my mom just stared at me and pointed at the TV. A record-scaling flood had hit the Philippines. Although the flood didn't affect our village, I hope everyone will be fine, I'm not a religious person at all...but at a time like this, please pray for the Philippines. I hope everyone's holding up okay.


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30 May 2012 @ 08:52 am

ohayo minna


its been a while since I last updated dis journal
its raining here in the Philippines and I love it.


have a great day minna!!!

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11 February 2012 @ 04:29 pm

I removed all the songs and PV of Akanishi on my phone and my mp3 for the mean time, it's not tham I'm not going to support him anymore, it is that everytime i hear his singing voice, it hurts, you know.. can you blame me? I don't know but it really hurts me, am i that sappy? i don't know jjdgwajgegmgagmd.. it is just that i still can't believe it.. it feels like its all a dream.. that this is not really happening.. sorry i'm a coward but i dont know..


You cant blame me if this is what i feel. it just that Im hurt.. maybe if Jin informed us his fan that he is getting married before this news broke, if he was the one who told to the public that "hey I'm getting married, my childhood dream for a long time having a wife and a child will finally come true" maybe I have d time to prepare myself and accept it little by little.. not like this.. Im totally shocked, hurt,feeling horrible..


Maybe when I finally moved on, when I finally accept the fact, I will start listening again on his songs..


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