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Dream as if you’ll live forever…. Live as if you’ll die.

I don't own him and he doesn't even know about my existence..

17 April
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Simple girl who loves KAT-TUN, especially Kazu_chan, I love Kamenashi Kazuya a lot even though a lot of people tells something bad about him, I'd still like him.. I'm not fond of arguing others just to defend KAT-TUN I respect all the ideas and the opinions of others.
I love collecting KAT-TUN stuff specially mostly of their videos.. I really love them.. Studying Basic Japanese language for a year now but still can't understand their language that much.. (I'm such a Baka!!) oh I forgot to say I love Kamenashi Kazuya!!!


"Everything in this world is a game.. thinking you've lost, giving up in the middle is stupid, the one who last till the end enjoying the game is the winner. THAT'S PROBABLY THE RULE OF THIS WORLD" ~Kiritani Shuuji